You remove atmospheric

pollution, we recycle it

Bufaga is a smart patented technology that collects, measures and removes fine particulate matter from the air.


A silent killer:

Air pollution is the main environmental risk to the health of all citizens.

The air we breathe every day contains numerous toxic particles, such as Pm10 and Pm2.5, largely caused by the transport sector.

Our goal is to make this kind of pollution tangible, providing a concrete proof of the invisible enemy we want and must fight, eliminating all emissions!

Premature deaths worldwide
Premature deaths in Europe
Annual deaths in Italy

Fonti: ASviS Position Paper 2022, European Environmental Agency

It's time to change the air

Not just a product, but a complete service

to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.

We offset your

Thanks to our patented filtration technology that detects and removes key pollutants, we monitor and improve air quality.

We measure the pollutants removed

Through the IoT technology present inside the device and to our technical dashboard, we collect, analyze and share data in real time!

We improve your sustainability reputation

Our reports, based on up-to-date and reliable data, contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals.

We have the right tool for every application


Smart filtration device that can be fitted on the roof of any means of transportation. It removes the main pollutants from the air and at the same time monitoring the quality of the air in the areas where the vehicle circulates.

Who do we address?





Public transport



We have the right tool for every application


A fixed product that can purify the surrounding air

by removing the main pollutants.

It offers a concrete and immediate solution to the problem ofpollution in semi-enclosed spaces.

It can treat 12,000 m3 of air per hour, achieving a 96% efficiency, while at the same time monitoring the quality of the air in that area.

Who do we address?

Multi-level car parks


We have the right tool for every application


Fixed device powered by a solar panel and designed to treat outdoor air.

The ideal product for high traffic areas, such as road intersections and outdoor car parks.

Who do we address?

Coming soon :)

How we monitor air quality

We have developed an in-house technical dashboard to collect, monitor and visualize data in real time, providing anup-to-date analysis of air quality and pollutants removed.

✅ Device status

✅ Air quality index

✅ Grams of PM removed

✅ Real time data

Contribute to change

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