Bufaga & Enjoy to create the first smog-eating car sharing fleet.

Enjoy and Bufaga's partnership aims to reduce pollution and gather data by installing devices on vehicle roofs. Enjoy seeks to offset emissions, map city streets, and promote sustainability to reduce environmental impact and support sustainable development.

The collaboration with Enjoy

We installed our Hi-Bufaga prototype on the roof of the Enjoy test vehicle, thus starting to remove air pollution, simply by driving!
This will allow us to compensate for PM emissions and collect important data on the levels of pollution present and removed.

Our step

Step 1


With our technical team we install our devices at the agreed location

Step 2


We remove pollution thanks to our filtering system

Step 3


Thanks to our IoT system we are able to collect and analyze data on the pollution removed

Step 4


We provide the partner with a detailed report making it easy to share data with all stakeholders

Device used

Hi-Bufaga allows to offset pollutant emissions with an efficiency of over 100% and to constantly monitor air quality in our cities

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