Bufaga & Arpinge for the first sustainable and digitalized parking lot

The partnership between Arpinge Group and Bufaga aims to remove pollution and collect quantitative data through the installation of the E-Bufaga 2.0 device, making parking lots sustainable and safe.

The collaboration with the Arpinge Group

We have installed our E.Bufaga 2.0 device at the Toschi parking lot in Parma, beginning the process of removing air pollution.

This application helps reduce maintenance and cleaning costs of the facilities while improving air quality. At the same time, it ensures effective sustainability communication through the integrated display, and provides the opportunity to extend its use to third parties through partnerships and advertising.

Our step

Step 1


With our technical team we install our devices at the agreed location

Step 2


We remove pollution thanks to our filtering system

Step 3


Thanks to our IoT system we are able to collect and analyze data on the pollution removed

Step 4


We provide the partner with a detailed report making it easy to share data with all stakeholders

Devices Installed:

E-Bufaga 2.0 eliminates pollutant emissions with over 90% efficiency and monitors environmental parameters in real time.

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