We want to leave a pollution-free planet to the future generations

We design our products according to sustainable design criteria, we remove air pollution in a measurable and direclty way, we recycle the pollutants removed from the air

Why Bufaga

Bufaga is a bird that perches on the backs of large African herbivores, cleaning their skin of the insects they feed on. We, likewise, can clean the outdoor air with devices installed on top of vehicles and in other outdoor areas.

We work for a common goal

We aim to provide the best solution for our clients to remove air pollution in a transparent and tangible way by collecting and analyzing quantitative data on it.

Meet the team

We have been awarded in the best international startup contests

Take Off Start Up contest
Power Up by Qonto
Innovation Village by Oil&NonOil
The Procurement Awards
Change the World Italia
StartCup Lazio
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