Removing pollution

by driving vehicles in a measurable way |

Turn environmental challenges into opportunities for your business and prove your sustainability with tangible data.

The problem

Air pollution is the main environmental risk to human health

Italy is the first country in Europe for deaths attributable to air pollution with about 60,000 deaths a year. This is a current problem that has serious effects on human health and ecosystems

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Global premature deaths
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Premature deaths in Europe
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Premature deaths in Italy

Our solutions

It's time to change the air

We don't just offer a product, but a complete service to help our clients achieve their sustainability goals

With our patented filtration technology, we are able to detect and remove major pollutants

Through IoT technology in our devices we collect, analyze and share data in real time

We contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals. We make it easy to share results with all stakeholders

Our solutions for your business

We have developed two product lines that can remove pollution in a measurable way.

Dashboard for data visualization

All our customers get access to our proprietary dashboard to view real-time data about:

Who supports us

For your business

Transparent communication, avoid greenwashing

With Bufaga, you have the opportunity to access measurable and certified data. This enables your company to communicate transparently by including this data in your sustainability report, effectively avoiding any greenwashing initiatives.


We collect quantitative data through our devices in a simple and automated way


We measure removed pollution and analyze the data with our proprietary dashboard


We share the data collected with all stakeholders for inclusion in the sustainability report

We contribute to your sustainability report

We actively contribute to the sustainability report by providing certified data on the pollution removed

Meet the team

We are a team of environmental/mechanical engineers and communication experts. We all have a common goal, to leave a pollution-free planet for future generations.

Let's remove pollution together

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